Eco Clean

We’re the Eco Friendly / Green Dry Cleaner in Buckhead

Going Green is not as hard as you may think. By doing something as simple as switching to a Green dry cleaner, you have taken your first simple step to making a difference. Eco clean is safer for you, your clothes and the environment – fresh, clean, non toxic and odor free.

Carriage Cleaners is proud to be one of the few eco friendly dry cleaners  in the area.  You can feel good knowing that all of the dry cleaning and wet cleaning methods used at Carriage Cleaners  are eco friendly and use no harsh chemicals. It all starts with our green dry cleaning machine that uses No Perc. Perc has been proven to be a carcinogen and is used by more than 85% of dry cleaners worldwide. With the new technology built into our machine you not only receive Green dry cleaning; but the process is gentler than traditional methods.

All of the items you bring in are cleaned and finished on the latest, most energy efficient equipment available. To reduce energy consumption, we have insulated all of our steam lines and pressing equipment.

Effortless Recycling! Do your part by participating in our effortless recycling programs. For hangers we provide you with a “hanger caddy.” When you take an item off the hanger, place the hanger in the caddy and once it is full, bring it back to the store.