Dry Cleaning

Expert Dry Cleaning – Service You Can Trust

You should always expect the best care and handling for your dry cleaning and at Carriage Cleaners  you get it.  Every item you send to us starts with expert stain removal followed by environmentally friendly wet cleaning and dry cleaning.  We are proud to be one of the few dry cleaners around that use NO PERC.

Better Equipment Produces Better Results for You

You will notice the difference that well maintained and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment will make on the colors and feel of your clothes.  Your brights will be brighter and your whites will be whiter.  There is nothing worse than dropping off one of your white sweaters and getting it back a dingy off-white color.  This will never happen with any of your items thanks to the dry cleaning experts and our crystal clear cleaning solutions that your clothes are cleaned in.

See the Difference Professional Pressing Makes

After your items have been professionally cleaned they are hand pressed on the latest finishing equipment.  This will bring back that “new from the store” look and feel to your items each time they are returned.  Changing our dry cleaning press pads on a regular basis is part of what sets our quality apart from the rest.  This ensures crisper garments with longer lasting buttons.